Give Thanks

You hear it in a running brook,

You feel it in a gentle breeze,

All around, where’er you look,

The flowers, mountains, and the trees…

In the morning, the sun’s first light,

Mid-day as the clouds pass by,

On your left and on your right,

On the earth, and in the sky…

When night approaches and stars appear,

When the moon shines high above,

Can you feel that God is near,

And all creation speaks His love?

At times you might feel all alone,

No listening ear or friendly smile,

But to Jesus you are known,

And He listens all the while.

Come unto Him with broken heart,

Be meek and humble as a lamb,

Come unto Him, ne’er to part,

He is the King, the Great I Am.

You are His child, his precious friend,

He’ll whisper hope and joy and peace,

His light and love will never end,

His loving kindness will not cease.

Mountains, they may be removed;

Rivers, turned out of their course;

The earth itself may be reproved,

And armies take the world by force.

But God so loved this mortal world,

That He sent His Only Son to die,

Salvation’s plan has been unfurled,

And naught escapes his watchful eye.

As you thank the Lord this night,

In the stillness of your soul,

Give thanks and praise with all your might

For all God’s gifts, and be made whole.


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