My First Story: John Hancock and the Dragon

I have decided to start compiling all of the stories, essays, poems, artwork, etc. that I have written over the years, and to organize my journals and other writings as well.  I plan to create a few portfolios from different life experiences, such as the mission and study abroad, BYU, Israel, work, etc, and eventually to enter them in to this blog.  This will take some time, and it will be a work in progress that will include current and future creative writings.  By way of explanation of the title of this blog, the Corléan is actually a reference to a mystical world that my friend, my brothers and I created in our childhood… a world called Corlée.  

I would like my imagination to be as fertile as it was in kindergarten, so as a starting point (or rather, a continuing point) to this blog, I am including a sample of one of my earliest stories.  Some of the lost works of my childhood include a poem based on every letter of the alphabet, a poem about Adam and Eve, and a brief essay on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Fortunately, at least one story has survived.  It is a brief and simple story with an illustration.  Enjoy. 







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