To listen to a few of the songs that I play on the guitar, a couple of which are original compositions, click on the this link.  Enjoy. Advertisements

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This is a drawing that I did as a child.  Children know that they are children of God, and that God loves them. They know that they are great, not because of any external thing, but because they are children of God.  I must have been very young, probably in kindergarten, when I drew this […]

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A Future Christmas

When Christ was born in Bethlehem A new star shone so bright That wise men came to worship Him Beneath the beaming light   The shepherds heard the angels sing Glad tidings of great joy Hosanna to the newborn King! Praise to the baby Boy!   Each came with gifts to worship Him And Joseph […]

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Finding Joy

Yesterday I opened a book that I had started reading many years ago, and I discovered a piece of paper with a short poem that I had written.  I used to paint and draw and write poetry much more often than I do now, but it was a happy surprise to find my poem stashed […]

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Modern Man

Of all the adjectives that could be used to describe the modern age, serene is not one of them.  Certainly tranquil territories and placid pockets exist among the frenetic landscapes of the 21st century.  There are oases of joy and peace waiting to be discovered.  But too often modern man behaves like a nervous nomad […]

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